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Solar energy is a tried and tested way of producing electricity and replacing non-renewable fuels such as gas, coal and oil. In doing so it also reduces the damaging emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Wedmore Community Power Co-operative Ltd was set up in 2013 by people living on the Isle of Wedmore in Somerset to enable their community to use solar energy. As well as giving members a return on their investment, we will also plough some of our profits back into the area in the form of community grants.


With funding from our shareholding members, we have installed a 1mW solar photovoltaic plant in two paddocks screened by new hedges, just to the north of Wedmore. It has been generating clean energy since October 2013.

Note: The share offer closed in November 2013

Latest News


View the latest Power Generation Stats

We are pleased to announce that our members can now view the latest energy generated by the Wedmore Solar Paddocks.


Generation figures up by 10% on projections

The board are delighted to report that the panels to date have produced approximately 10% more than we had expected...


Wedmore CPC holds first AGM

Our first AGM was held on 1st April 2014 which took place at The George Hotel in Wedmore.


Latest Newsletter: Christmas, Figures, AGM…

We have just sent out our Christmas e-newsletter to all who have signed up to receive it. If you havent...


7 Year Bond Offer Sold Out

Our '7 Year' bonds offer has now sold out.