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Helping the community

Community Grants

One of the Co-operative's key aims is to fund local initiatives by making grants. Our grants scheme is open to applications from organisations on the Isle of Wedmore; it will operate for the lifetime of the project.

We have drawn up criteria for making grants of up to £5,000 under the scheme.

The Co-operative's board will recommend to members at each AGM the total amount to be set aside for grants for that year.

There are two annual funding rounds, in Spring and Autumn. Any organisation operating on the Isle of Wedmore can apply for funds before the deadlines of 31 May and 30 November. Decisions on which applications to accept will be made by a Grants Committee comprising five people drawn from the membership, of whom two will be board members. Committee members must declare an interest and not vote if they are involved in any of the fund applications.

To apply for funding, an organisation must be either: a community-based organisation, a self-help or voluntary group; a charity; or a local branch of a national charity.

To be successful, a project must meet one or more of the following criteria:

• address a social need;

• benefit the community on the Isle of Wedmore;

• support at least one of the Co-operative’s objectives of working in partnership with others, increasing sustainability and reducing reliance on fossil fuels;

• ideally be innovative in its approach.

To download an application form, click here

The application form must be read in conjunction with our Community Grants guide, which includes FAQs and the terms & conditions for grants.

To download the guide, click here.